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Artificial intelligence (AI) combined
with Deep Financial Expertise

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Swift Money-
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Swift Money is on a mission to revolutionise the finance world by bringing a personal finance and wealth management accessible to everyone.


Swift Money believes without having a need to learn financial jargons and technicalities everyone should be able to create wealth out of this finance world. We are an AMFI registered mutual funds distributor, we recommend what is suitable for you so you can make wise investments and achieve your goals with SIP and lumpsum investments

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How Does It Work?


We Understand You

Swift Money offers a Personalised financial management experience, because everyone has unique goals. 

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Our Experts Analyse the Markets

Experts do the hard task, we dive deep in financial world so you don't have to!


Experts Make
Fresh Basket For You 

Want your dream home, vacation, Macbook Pro you saw in store yesterday! Swift Money will make a basket of right investments so you can achieve your desire with mutual funds via SIP or lumpsum investment.

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About Us

Our Story

Revolutionizing the Wealth-Tech World

Swift Money started with a simple mission - to revolutionise the wealth-tech world by bringing a personal finance manager accessible to everyone in India. We believe that everyone deserves access to financial tools and resources that can help them achieve their dreams. From Tier 1 to the remotest village, everyone will have their own personal finance manager in their pockets! We are starting our journey as with mutual funds SIP and lumpsum investments 

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